Insurance at Remedy Psychiatry

Remedy is now in-network and accepting the following insurance plans and others:

We take care of you with or without insurance, and our care remains the same for everyone.  See here for a detailed list of our current in-network insurance plans and below for more information on how payment with insurance works at Remedy.

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How do I use my insurance with Remedy?

  • If your current health insurance is with one of our in-network insurance carriers listed here , you will book your first appointment with Remedy, and during the online booking process, you will submit your insurance information (including the insurance provider, member ID, and group ID). 
  • We will then verify your insurance eligibility (through our insurance billing partner Alma). 
  • You will receive an email (from Alma) explaining the details of any fees associated with your insurance, such as insurance copays or coinsurance, if they exist with your insurance plan. 
  • You will need to provide Alma a payment method for any insurance fees if they exist, and Remedy will need to keep a non HSA/FSA card on record for no-show appointment fees if needed. If all sounds good, you’ll show up at your video appointment and be on your way!

What if the cost, even with my in-network insurance, is high?

We want you to be able to pay as little as possible for your healthcare! In some cases, such as insurance plans with very high deductibles, the cost of Remedy for a full year of care out-of-pocket (paid monthly) and NOT using your insurance, may actually be less than your deductible if you have not met your deductible. Therefore it could be less costly to you to use Remedy without your insurance. In these cases, you may want to elect to not use your insurance at all, and pay out of pocket.

What if my insurance is not in your list?

If your insurance is not listed here, unfortunately Remedy is currently an ‘Out of Network’ Provider. You are still welcome to join us. And we are constantly working on adding new insurance plans!  We will let all patients know as we add new insurance plans. So, you can start your care with us now, submit your superbills for out of network benefits. A superbill is a receipt of your medical costs that you can submit to your insurance. Your insurance may reimburse you for some of these costs, and it can be applied towards your deductible. 

Can I come to Remedy if I don’t have insurance?

Absolutely! No insurance is required, and our transparent pricing structure is a flat monthly fee as seen here. Additionally, we will work to find low cost medications for you. 

I’m confused! Where can I ask more questions?

No problem, insurance is confusing! For general questions you may have your questions answered on our FAQ page here

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or by phone call or text at 747-212-3876

Remedy Psychiatry in-network insurance providers

Optum is inclusive of several health plans:

  • United Healthcare
  • United Healthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • GEHA – United Healthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • United Healthcare Global
  • United HealthCare Exchange Plans (ONEX)
  • Oscar
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • Oxford
  • UHC Student Resources
  • UMR
  • All Savers (UHC)
  • Health Plans Inc
  • Surest (Formerly Bind)
  • Select Health
  • Cenpatico
  • Sierra Health and Life Health Plans

Included in Aetna’s signature administrators are:

  • Meritain
  • Nippon
  • Allied Benefit Systems
  • GEHA – United Healthcare Shared Services (UHSS)
  • GEHA – Aetna
  • Boon Chapman
  • Christian Brothers Services
  • Trustmark/Coresource
  • AmeriBen
  • HealthScope
  • Health First
  • Piedmont/S&S Healthcare
  • Health Smart
  • Emi Health
  • WebTPA

Cigna is a global health services company with more than 190 million customer and patient relationships in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions.

Anthem is dedicated to delivering better care to their members, providing greater value to customers and helping improve the health of our communities.

Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted

Unfortunately, community or state plans, or Medicare or Medicaid plans are not eligible for payment of services. Please note, some Medicare and Medicaid plans are administered by Optum and Aetna, however, these are still out of network plans.