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We believe in healthy lifestyle changes, talk therapy and as a final part of the treatment plan when appropriate—medication.


While we specialize and are experts in medication management for mental health, we collaborate with therapists, pediatricians and primary care doctors to provide the best care to kids, teens and adults. We are affordable via in-network insurance or a low monthly fee.

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Why Refer Patients to Remedy

  • Fast and flexible: video appointments within 24-48 hours; days, nights and weekends from the comfort of one’s home.
  • Concierge care: unlimited number of appointments and provider messaging for a low monthly fee or pay via insurance for each appointment. In-network and accepting Aetna, Cigna, Optum and United Healthcare. Visit our insurance details for more information.
  • Personalized: patients choose the provider that is a good fit for them, and see the same provider each time.
  • Outcome measured: We use a text-based software to track each patient’s specific symptoms using research validated scales (such at PHQ-9, GAD-7).
  • Therapist and pediatrician collaboration: we work closely with therapists, pediatricians and primary care doctors to provide seamless and integrated patient care.

Delighted to find a Remedy- a high quality, affordable psychiatry/med management service where I am comfortable referring my patients and feel absolutely confident that they will receive top notch care. Feedback from my patients has been stellar so far.

Dr. Nicole Cooper(Licensed Clinical Psychologist)

I referred both clients and personal friends to Remedy and every person I referred to the practice came back with rave reviews

Perri Sun, LCSW, Therapist,Los Angeles

What do we treat?

Medication treatment for anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, bipolar and more in adult, teen and child residents of California.

What do we NOT treat?

Emergent care (suicidal, homicidal ideation), disorders requiring in-person medical monitoring such as: active substance use disorders, patients requiring maintenance use of benzodiazepines every day.

How can your patients get started?

Patients can book an appointment on our website and be seen within days!

Want to learn more?

Please email us at [email protected] or call us at  747-212-3876 to set up a call.

If you are a therapist looking to refer patients for medication management

Collaborating with therapists in a meaningful and team-based approach is critical to the success of each patient’s outcome. In other words, we love working with therapists!  

  • When the patient begins care with Remedy, we will ask them to sign a release of information in order to communicate their medical information and coordinate care with you. 
  • Once signed, we will send the patient’s psychiatric evaluation and medication treatment plan securely to you so that you are fully informed of our assessment and plan. 
  • From there, we can coordinate additional communication for on-going collaboration by messaging or phone as needed.

If any Remedy patients would like to do talk therapy but do not have a therapist, we can help them find a great match for a highly skilled talk therapist that we have vetted, like you!

Share your contact info and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Are you a Remedy patient looking for a therapist?

If you are a Remedy patient and would like to do talk therapy but do not have a therapist, we are happy to assist you in finding a great match for a highly skilled talk therapist. Once we align you with a therapist, if you elect to, we will form a treatment team with your therapist to share your medication information so that you are as supported as possible and have the best treatment outcome. We do not have financial relationships with therapists, but only refer our patients to the best talk therapists that we have vetted.

For more about how psychiatric medication care and therapy work together, read our blog article.