How to find the right telehealth service for mental health medication needs

Nowadays, we are stuck at home leaving the option for traditional, in-person mental health services out the window. But now with telehealth, we are able to access those services right from the comfort of our own home! However, finding the right fit for you and your mental health needs is not easy; there are multiple factors that determine whether a service is right for you. This article will shed light on how to pick the right telehealth service for mental health medication needs, as it is more urgent than ever. 


  1. Go for price transparency. With the pandemic comes financial stress; knowing what you’re going to pay, for each appointment or month, can help determine if a telehealth service is right for you. A company that is transparent with their pricing, and not surprising you with additional expenses and fees every month, is imperative in the search of finding the right fit for you. Here at Remedy, we offer a flat rate for comprehensive, personalized, medication support for mental health (with no hidden fees!). We are dedicated to offering the utmost professional, expert, and personalized care at an affordable price.


  1. Pick an online mental health company you can stay with. While it might be convenient to have medication delivered to your home, a service that only offers a few medications may not fit your overall needs and leave you having to start over from square one with another company. Remedy offers personalized medication management that addresses the widest range of symptoms and a full array of medication options that can fit all your needs in one place. Our on-going proactive care allows you to stay in touch with your provider, in addition to your follow-up appointments, with any questions or concerns you may have.


  1. Should the provider accept insurance? Job loss and/or insurance changes often entail lapses in insurance resulting in temporary or no access at all to care.  A private telehealth company like Remedy can bridge the gap for those without or in between insurance at an affordable cost or provide a more flexible alternative with video appointments and messaging day, night and weekends. Even visiting an insurance-based provider isn’t always sufficient because many insured patients have to wait weeks to months for appointments, have brief, impersonal appointments and only get appointments during weekdays. With Remedy, there are no long wait-lists, you are able to select a psychiatric nurse practitioner of your choice and schedule an appointment quickly.


  1. Know how long your appointments will be and what ongoing care is included. A 25-minute initial evaluation is much different than a 50-minute evaluation and will most likely not give your psychiatric medical provider enough information to create a personalized treatment plan that is right for you. Often after an initial 25-minute evaluation, you are prescribed medication and asked to schedule a follow-up in three months with little to no communication between the time you are seen. With Remedy, we perform comprehensive 50-minute initial video evaluations and you are given the option to reach out at any point to your provider and receive a response nearly immediately. In addition, we offer on-going proactive care via video, messaging, and symptom tracking with follow-up appointments as needed.


  1. Know who you’re seeing. Is it a psychiatric nurse, doctor, therapist or an administrator that you’re liaising with? Will you get to know one person, or have to be seen by four different people? Remedy has a highly professional medical team where you will select a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner of your choice, and then have a psychiatrist supervise that psychiatric nurse and treatment plan, which allows your provider to get to know YOU, like you would with a medical provider in person, and help keep the patient costs down while still providing excellent, expert care.


  1. Not all telepsychiatry offerings are the same.  Many companies have chosen to prescribe just a few medications and treat only depression and anxiety, and attempt to fit all patients into those two boxes when you may have other mental health conditions or are not sure what you are suffering from.  Remedy remains committed to treating the widest range of psychiatric symptoms that are non-urgent, with all possible medications because we believe that limiting the medications or diagnoses we treat would limit the quality of care.
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